Dance Party

Time to dance!
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Come one, come all! A community all about dancing! Join up and talk about your fave kinds of dance, give tips to others, post your favorite dance related website...whatever! Keep conversation clean and as PG-13 as possible. Younger kids may join, and I don't want to be responsible for the corruption of any of the few decent kids there still are out there.

*note* If there is a type of dance you like that I don't have listed in the interests, let me know and I'll probably add it. If it's an adult oriented dance *in other words, if it involves stripping* please find or create a community specifically for it. I'd prefer to leave that kind of thing out of this community, seeing as this place is an all ages thing. I have nothing at all against those types of dances, but as stated above, I don't want some innocent youth wandering in to find pics or stories of strippers. Thanks for your patience. ^-^

Dance is love.
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